Website Maintenance

Hello everyone, Its time to update a few things here at HotRodRegal. I am in the middle of some site re-construction and website maintenance, so please be patient as I move forward with the changes. Some issues you may see: Down for Maintenance screen – Not broke, just changing things behind the scenes. Discrepancies in … Read more Website Maintenance

G-body Baer Brakes

G-body Baer Brakes Front: 6p calipers – 13 inch rotors – G-body spindles Rear:  older Moser/Ford 9 inch rear with 6p calipers If you have been following along, then you already know the Regal has a big brake system with very nicely sized rotors for B-body spindles, front dual piston calipers & rear pbr style calipers. … Read more G-body Baer Brakes