Mast Motorsports engine build epic part1

Mast Motorsports is doing it right! Horace Mast and his employees (that are more like of a band of brothers than co-workers) engineer and produce some of the highest quality, highest horsepower, and most desired LS engines in the market today. Follow along with my hotrodder bucket list, exclusive experience as I document a tour … Read more

67 Camaro radiator isolator mounts can Be COOL

Recently, I got together with my friends Dan Chaplin and Greg Cragg to install some 67 Camaro radiator isolator mounts. Dan owns a beautifully, restored 67 Camaro that over the years has received many upgrades. It has been in several publications (including Muscle Car Power, Surf City, and GM Performance Parts Catalog), been used as … Read more

Project: LSX El Camino

This Project: LSX El Camino is a guest authored post written by Greg Cragg. Greetings everyone! My name is Greg and I own this beautiful 1979 El Camino – Project: LSX El Camino. I hope you enjoy following along with me as I endeavor to “once again” give it a new look and engine compartment. I have owned the … Read more

LS Engine El Camino

The LS Engine El Camino project. Everyone in the Hot Rod world ends up having a network of car friends. We are always looking for new techniques to accomplish things, make our personal projects better, and experience similar success with parts others have used. Keeping with that ideology, I am expanding to “Other Projects”. Here … Read more