Rattle can flat black

After pulling the trim, I pulled tail lights, headlights, front header panel, trunk deck, and the front bumper. I Bought a house with a 2 car garage, went on a Virgin Island vacation, and rebuilt a 99 2wd blazer using all 2003 2wd blazer parts. Needless to say I was a bit distracted from this … Read more

Buick Regal Trunk Trophy

SCORE!!!! This is so bad its kind of funny… Yes I still have this Buick Regal trunk trophy… and no you can’t have it… If there are any Buick guys out there that know if this is a factory mod, email me, this is the only one I have ever seen! I plan to use this … Read more

G-body Rust inspection

good frame rails !

As I continued my G-body rust inspection that first day, I was very pleased to see only surface rust in the exposed areas around the door. The lower door seams were very nice considering the age but as can be seen in the photo, it is minimally present. The rockers were in great shape, but … Read more

G-body trim removal

G-body trim removal: not a bad job if you have the right tools.  I strongly suggest acquiring a window trim removal tool. This tool helps you keep your sanity when removing the trim around the front and rear glass. The little, brittle plastic trim retainers will try to break every time you mess with them, … Read more

G-body 6.0L LS Swap !

Hello and welcome to my 1982 Buick Regal G-body 6.0L LS swap website. I plan to illustrate some of where this car has come from, some engineering involved, list some parts issues, and where it is now. I want to showcase some of the aftermarket parts I am using and show how easy they are … Read more