G-body trim removal

G-body trim removal: not a bad job if you have the right tools.  I strongly suggest acquiring a window trim removal tool. This tool helps you keep your sanity when removing the trim around the front and rear glass. The little, brittle plastic trim retainers will try to break every time you mess with them, this tool helps prevent breakage! (Part # KD 2038). More than likely though, when removing the trim around the front and rear windows, there will be some retainers that break. They are plastic and old. Replacements can be purchased at OPG for the 78-88 monte carlo.

G-body trim removal also includes taking off the side badges and any door bump strips.  I had both side badges and door bump strips on the sides of the car. They were stuck on the car from the factory, but would need to be removed. Eventually the Buick Regal will be painted so these needed to go anyway, but I prefer the smooth look compared to emblems and badges. So, the other item I would suggest spending some coin on would be the 3M General Purpose Adhesive Cleaner. I have used this many times and truly love it! 3M knows their chemicals! It is a professional way to remove stickers, double-sided badges and trim without scratching up the finish. Its cheap, but even if it were not, I would still buy this product.

The day I got the car, I started disassembling it. I removed all exterior trim to search for any hidden rust monsters. There were none to be found which made that cold day a bit warmer. I also started the interior removal to check out the floor pans. Seats out, carpet out… everything checked good!!! This car was a California car most of its life (as evident by its really faded paint) but lived its last few years before I got it in St. Louis Missouri. So rust inspection was a high priority.


3m general purpose adhesive remover comes in handy in so many places!!! I will always have a can on hand!

DISASSEMBLE... number five...


The major concern is the area where the lower trim is attached to the base of the door and the lower section of the quarter panel. These trim pieces actually have threaded fasteners holding them on. The metal edges of the holes are not treated so it is another place that rust will form.  Again very happy to see this Regal’s metal in great shape. The previous 2 owners took excellent care of this Buick.

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