Bolt ons… G-body suspension parts

Finally time to put some G-body suspension parts to good use. I cleaned up the donor frame and added a coat of VHT semi gloss epoxy paint for a fresh look. Everything attached to the frame that needed cleaned up also got a fresh coat of VHT semi gloss black epoxy paint. The -8 hardware … Read more

I was FRAMED! G-body frame replacement

After the body was removed from the G-body frame to take care of the years of neglect (as seen in previous posts) a quick inspection was performed. The original G-body frame was in very good shape; but it needed a body mount repair in the front passenger position, plus cleaned and painted. I decided on a … Read more

G-body Firewall & Rocker Replacement

The trip to the body shop was for the G-body firewall plate to be smoothed out, complete rocker replacement, door jamb  hole filling, door jamb painting, and firewall painting. The drip rail above the firewall plate was painted separately then reassembled. Prior to the G-body firewall plate being finished out, it had studs welded to the back and … Read more