Fuzzy Floors – POR-15 acid etch

Por-15 states in the instructions to perform an acid etch if using fresh metal. While the Hot Rod Regal is not new by any means the floor pan metal, as seen in the last up-date, looks brand new. I seriously considered simply priming and painting the floors because they looked so nice, but I wanted … Read more

Paint Stripper on Floor Pans

I removed the interior for using paint stripper on the floor pan. Once the paint and seam sealer was removed, I was not disappointed. A perfect G-body floor pan! This is a time extensive job, so be certain you have a complete weekend to devote to a procedure like this. The chemical I used was … Read more

OverHaulin in a 2 car garage

After our short car show trip to visit friends and family, it was time to take apart the Regal for some Overhaulin in a 2 car garage . I purchased a 1999 Firebird LS1 engine and 4L60E transmission for the swap, so I thought it was time to get started. I pulled the Regal into … Read more