G-body 6.0L LS Swap !

Hello and welcome to my 1982 Buick Regal G-body 6.0L LS swap website.

I plan to illustrate some of where this car has come from, some engineering involved, list some parts issues, and where it is now. I want to showcase some of the aftermarket parts I am using and show how easy they are to bolt on and go! Please keep in mind this is only my version, and obviously many ways to accomplish this transplant. My goal is to keep this car simple, clean, & tasteful, but still have a very nice quality build up. I intend to drive this car on the street as much as possible. I enjoy a good cruise night and car show also, so I may even show a few ideas I encounter along the way.

Hopefully you will enjoy the content of this site, as I have enjoyed the building process thus far.
Thanks for following my G-body 6.0L LS Swap, and happy motoring.



Get Ready, Get Set AND… GO!!!



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