G-body Rust inspection

As I continued my G-body rust inspection that first day, I was very pleased to see only surface rust in the exposed areas around the door. The lower door seams were very nice considering the age but as can be seen in the photo, it is minimally present.

The rockers were in great shape, but each side had some spots that felt thin. No visible rust on the rockers but I will probably have the rockers replaced later. The quarter panels, fenders, and wheel wells did not show any visible signs of rust either. Of course, there was more to find once I started to disassemble the car.

Visual inspection of the rear frame rails was encouraging also. The frame rails were basically rust free and solid.

The interior seats of the car were removed to facilitate floor pan inspection. Again, not disappointed! This car has very nice floor pans.

Continue to visit periodically for updates, as I will show you how one may think this Regal is shot after I found hidden rust, and what I did with it.

Always a common trouble spot for the G-bodies. This one checks pretty good!!!

good frame rails !
Everybody knows how troublesome these things can be when not taken care of. Again this one is in pretty good shape for living in the mid-west for the last few years.
After further inspection of the frame, it was a very solid no-wreck car also.
Also very solid on this side. As I post more photos about this build, you will see this entire frame was very solid.
I’m sure this interior was fine once upon a time, but the 60/40 bench and pillow top coverings were quickly disposed of! I stored my removed trim in the car until I was able to locate a set of buckets on Craigslist for $50.00 that were in spectacular shape. Keep in mind everybody, I bought this car while still living in an apartment. (the trick is to move it every day to a new spot)

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