Buick Regal Trunk Trophy

SCORE!!!! This is so bad its kind of funny… Yes I still have this Buick Regal trunk trophy… and no you can’t have it… If there are any Buick guys out there that know if this is a factory mod, email me, this is the only one I have ever seen! I plan to use this as a garage wall hanger someday… kinda like an Applebee’s or a TGI Friday’s and their trophies on the wall…

On a serious note, this thing has to go. This will be replaced with a regular Regal or Grand National trunk deck. I am looking forward to modifying the Hot Rod Regal with other Grand National parts, upgraded suspension parts, aftermarket pieces, a different engine and transmission. The plan is to do a LS engine swap and have some car show and autocross fun.  There will be some body modifications, but kept to a minimum. The interior will be gone through and changed though.  I will try to post all the progress here and illustrate how I perform the changes.

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My favorite part of the car… uh… yeah… I have never seen a continental kit on a regal before… probably never will again either… what were they thinking!!! This is not going to be part of the final project, so laugh at this or enjoy it while you can.

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