Ultimate Headers = Ultimate G-body

3… 2… 1… Go!!!  Go 321 stainless steel headers that is… 321 stainless steel is an aerospace quality material that contains some titanium and is used in high heat and high strength applications.  This performance material is being used by Ultimate Headers in Berea, Ohio. Ultimate Headers produces the most attractive stainless steel headers on the market with several new and innovative design features. First, you should probably visit the Ultimate Headers website. This is a new product and is the pinnacle of automotive performance art. Second, understand these headers have a lifetime warranty! It is like Jim Browning (owner of Ultimate Headers) states, “These are the last headers you will buy”.  Finally, the engineering that went into the flanges, primaries, and accessories is leagues ahead of the competition. Follow along as we fit the first set of Ultimate Headers into the G-body Projects: Hot Rod Regal, and LSX El Camino. 

We ordered 2 sets, one for the Regal and one for the EL Camino. Both similar, but with different collector flanges.
We ordered 2 sets, one for the Regal and one for the EL Camino. Both similar, but with different collector flanges.

Ultimate Headers has different headers for multiple applications. This includes Chevy Big Blocks, SBC, Ford, and LS platforms. They offer a variety of options for collector flanges, finishes, and 2 different styles of headers (block hugger or rear dump). Seen in the photo above, are the rear dump style headers with 2 different collector flanges we ordered. The header on the right (driver side header) has the patent pending “Extreme Low Profile Clamp”. This is part # 997303 that is a 3 inch dia. mirror polish clamp and flange system. They allow a 13 degree offset to help install the exhaust system, use ARP 5/16 stainless steel hardware and includes the slip-in back up mandrel to assure a leak-free, air tight connection. This is original Ultimate Header engineering and is not seen anywhere else in the automotive industry (patent-pending). The Hot Rod Regal will be receiving this set of Ultimate Headers.

The 2nd header on the left (passenger side header) has the cast 316L stainless steel 3-bolt collector flange. These Cast Flanges deliver the same style connection as many steel 3/8″ 3-bolt flanges but are 30% lighter and look 100% better. This style flange can be fitted throughout the exhaust system to deliver an ultimate appearing exhaust system. The LSX El Camino will be receiving this set of Ultimate Headers.

All sets purchased come as a complete package. They include headers, ARP 12 point stainless steel header bolts, a pair of matching Ultimate Headers Collector Flanges, Mr. Gasket MLS (Multi Layer Stainless) header and collector gaskets. The headers can be ordered in 3 different finishes:  Mirror Polish, Satin, Vibratory Polished (also can be ceramic coated); and have a lifetime warranty.

Check out the Ultimate Headers going into the Hot Rod Regal and the LSX El Camino in the following video.

The amount of engineering that went into these products is very impressive. Not only do they look amazing, they are high performance parts! The header flanges are part of what differentiates these headers from the competition.  Looking at the header flange next to the block in the following photos of the Mast Motorsports LSX 440, the Ultimate flanges are designed with strength, cooling, anti-corrosion qualities, and aesthetics in mind.

LSX440 ultimate flange

Ultimate Header Flange

The strength comes from the superior material (cast 316L stainless steel) and the rib design. The ribbed design also performs a cooling function by having increased surface area, which in turn reduces the tendency to warp. The ribbed flange design also reduces overall weight. Lastly, the ribbed flange design looks different than any other 3/8″ header flange on the market, giving it the unique/custom look.

These engineered design characteristics are also present in the 3-bolt collector and exhaust flanges (seen in the following photo)

3-bolt collector flange

These patent pending Ultimate Header 3-bolt Collector Flanges are lighter weight than normal flat 3-bolt flanges (by 30%), resist warping, and are exceptionally strong.  Again, this is due to the ribbed or riser design (Think aerospace engineering here). These are also 316L grade stainless steel which will resist heat and corrosion.

Another design first, and patent pending part, is the investment cast, tight radius elbows that are present in the forward 2 primary tubes.  These tight radius elbows are what allows the “Big tubes for tight places” to happen. The elbows immediately turn the exhaust gases down and aft. This operation can not be performed with normal manderal bent tubes. The secret? Well, the radius of the cast elbow is smaller than the tube diameter! If you have a tight fit area by shock towers or frame rails in your car, you should call Ultimate Headers to see how they can help solve your difficult installation issues. In the following photo, you can see the elbows have a slightly different sheen to them (cast part) than the 321 stainless primary tubes. Both the Hot Rod Regal and the LSX El Camino will have the exhaust systems ceramic coated in the future.

Hot Rod Regal Ultimate Headers

As for the Low Profile Connector Clamps, they are another industry first. The patent pending clamps deliver outstanding performance when clearance is an issue. Plus the design of these clamps are much like other angled fluid and gas connectors by providing increased strength at the connection /seal point. These clamps used on the Hot Rod Regal allowed the exhaust system to be tucked up in the body very tight. In the next photo, you can see the 3″ stainless steel exhaust system from FLOWMASTER being routed using the Ultimate Headers Low Profile Connector Clamp. It is an added bonus they look cool too!

Low Pro Clamps

So as many of you know, a well planned out and engineered exhaust system takes time to create. If one starts with better parts, the better the final result tends to be usually.  I am very impressed with the level of detail and the quality that Ultimate Headers provides! The parts are made with aircraft grade materials (which makes me very happy), and are designed for high performance /racing applications. Lastly, the aesthetics of these parts is amazing for production pieces! If you would like to contact Ultimate Headers, they can be reached at (440)-234-9600, or visit their website at www.UltimateHeaders.com .

Keep checking back, as we will be finishing up both exhaust systems with more Ultimate Headers 3-bolt flanges throughout the entire system and ceramic coating with another very reputable company in the future.

I hope you enjoyed the presentation of the Ultimate Headers products now available for the G-bodies.



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