UMI Performance G-body frame brace

The guys at UMI Performance are completely dedicated to the G-body market! They have designed multiple products for the 78-88 GM G-body platform for drag racing and auto-crossing. The product that caught my eye was something they alone are producing – the Rear Shock Tower Brace (part number 3055). Check out this simple, but eloquent chassis stiffening bar and my quick installation video in this latest update of the Hot Rod Regal project. Don’t forget to click on the highlighted phrases to help you with your research too!

UMI Performance G-body rear shock tower brace part# 3055
UMI Performance G-body rear shock tower brace part# 3055

I like buying real USA made parts when possible, and was very happy when I found out that the UMI Performance G-body rear shock tower brace is made in Philipsburg, PA – USA. It’s made from 1 & 1/4″ tubing and welded to 3/16″ plates. “This 100% jig built, bolt-in brace ties the rear upper shock mounts together to share the load and stiffen the chassis. This brace is designed to clear all of the popular exhaust systems and works equally well on coilover setups and traditional spring/shock combinations.” -UMI Performance. 

In the video, you will see the Hot Rod Regal’s rear suspension with the Flowmaster 3″ exhaust, and the QA1 single adjustable shocks. Notice, there is not much room for any type of cross bracing using the stock style suspension configuration. This is part of the “cool factor” and the need for using the UMI Performance G-body rear shock tower brace – clearance. The brace sits on top of the shock towers next to the body – staying clear of the exhaust and any other suspension components.  It proves to be a very convenient and efficient way to help prevent frame flex.

This was truly a “plug and play / bolt-in” part! There were no alignment issues, the grade 8 hardware was the correct length, and no modifications were necessary. This is very important for guys like me with a small garage and limited tooling. I appreciate the “As advertised,” fit and function of the UMI Performance G-body rear shock tower brace.

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