Gateway Powder Coating – LS engine coil brackets

I really enjoyed working with Nate and the guys at Gateway Powder Coating on my latest project.  The latest idea was something I came to after staring at the engine for a while. I noticed how ugly the stock coil brackets look and got the idea to modify them. I thought, “Hey, if I screw them up – no big deal.” The coil brackets were removed for modification and then powder coating.  After the modifications, the powder coating really made these parts stand out! Gateway Powder Coating is the St. Louis based shop that I chose to have the powder coat work and other paint work done on the coil brackets, fuel rail, brake booster, and wiper motor. They have some great capabilities at their shop: large selection of paint colors for powder coating, ceramic coating capabilities, 20ft oven, and custom painting capabilities using conventional paints and sandblasting. The convenience and expertise are what initially attracted me to this facility. Now having used their services, I plan to go back.

Gateway Powder Coating

I decided to remove the GM stock coil brackets and clean them up. The coil brackets for the LS engine platform are an item that a lot of enthusiast do not like. I tend to agree, but if you like them or not, the coils and brackets are a defining characteristic of the LS engine. Instead of hiding the coils on this engine, I chose to embrace them. I want to be able to drive this car anywhere and have the ability to replace parts easily if they fail. Coils and plug wires are something that can fail with little warning. If the consumable part needs replaced, I like the idea of being able to stop at the local parts store for a quick stock replacement. This is especially useful when out on a Hot Rod Power tour or trip to one of the Street Machine Nationals.

The Hot Rod Regal is using a 6.0L iron block with the round style coils. The coil brackets were removed and the coils removed from the brackets. I then took a cut-off wheel and took off some of the extra metal off the brackets.

coil bracket chop

Seen here in the above photo, the top coil bracket has been modified. I removed the material from the center, the 2 inner extensions, and straightened up the edges. Compared to the lower factory bracket that is untouched, the top looks a little more streamline and simple.  The idea behind this mod was to try to hide some of the ignition wire harness. Instead of the wire harness going around the center coil bracket, now it can go through the center of the coil bracket. This proposed ignition wire harness routing will have a cleaner appearance overall.

low profile

Also, when looking at the raised areas, seen in the picture above, the factory coil bracket can appear cluttered and simply put, factory. The modified bracket on the right is more aesthetically pleasing. This is a cheap modification that will make the top of the LS engine look sleek and smooth, but not look “Over the top”. It is one of those small details that most people will not know has been done.

Once both brackets were “Cleaned up”, it was off to Gateway Powder Coating for some powder coat paint.

powder coat brkts

When they came back, this photo shows the result. The coils are now ready to be re-installed. Gateway Powder Coating did an amazing job with these!  I will be taking many more parts back to these guys in the future.  Check back soon for the coil & bracket installation, plus the wire harness routing with photos on how these modifications make the aftermarket wire harness look great!

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