Taylor 9mm spark plug wires

The spring and summer months are probably my favorite time of the year. Everything gets shifted into high gear! Its been no exception here working on the Hot Rod Regal. My latest additions were these Taylor 9mm spark plug wires. I went with Taylor part # 92045 9mm fire power plug wires that have the 135 degree boot. These plug wires were the right choice for clearance, appearance, performance, and cost. Taylor 9mm spark plug wires are some of the lowest resistance spark plug wires on the market. If you click on the link above, you will see a full description of these wires as well as a pretty cool option for all the 2nd amendment lovers out there!

Taylor 92045 I previously had the original, old A C Delco plug wires on the engine, but the spark plug boots were dangerously close to contacting the headers (see the forward header tube) . Also, I dressed them up using expandable wire covering in an attempt to keep a visual constant with the wires… not really a great idea. As with anything, there is a learning curve. Seen in this photo, I have the pre-modified coil brackets installed, the first attempt at a concealed wire harness, and the original plug wires installed.  I can do better than this…

A/C Delco plug wiresOut with the old, and in with the new! While changing plug wires is not rocket science, I really liked the feel of the boots as they connected to the spark plugs and the coils. It was easier to attach these wires than the stock originals. I was able to install these plug wires simply using my thumb vs pushing the other boot style. Plus, the “click ” from being seated sounded more secure to me. Obviously, a higher quality product.

135 degree plug wireOnce the Taylor 9mm spark plug wires were all installed, I knew my wire harness configuration was not up to the same visual caliber as the plug wires. I chose to remove the wire harness to “boot” the plugs. This process was a trial and error learning process; one of the trials I showed you in my article “LS Engine wire harness clean up” The theory and processes were there, but still not quite right. In the next set of photos, you will see how I finally got it right.

taylor vertex 9mm plug wireThe black on black Taylor 9mm spark plug wires are a huge success! They fit around the headers, match my aesthetic goals, provide higher level of performance, have a lower resistance, have a higher heat tolerance, and cost the same if not less than a set from the dealer. I will only be using Taylor plug wires from now on. Through all this, I even found out they are a local company in my state (Missouri). Made in the USA is the icing on the cake here!!!

9mm fire power

taylor 9mm spark plug wires

I try to keep a few theories in the back of my head when I am engineering ideas and trying to make things “Look good”. Symmetry, perfect ratios, proper use of  negative space, color palate choices, and how it will look when it’s 2 dimensional (photographed). It is not all about artwork though, I try to balance technology, reliability, safety, and maintenance accessibility all at the same time. With that being stated, I have always thought the coil packs give the LS engine an unmistakable look, they are a badge of honor if you will. Technology is not something we have to hide. I believe it is the wire harness being unorganized, of different colors, and non-symmetrical that causes most folks to complain about the appearance of the LS engine and use engine covers . Now with the spark plug wires matching the wire harness, I believe this provides visual symmetry.


I am very happy with the choice to use the Taylor 9mm fire power spark plug wires. They offer many improvements over OE plug wires:  they fit better with the 135m degree boots, they look better, they perform better, and the price is right (especially since they enhance engine performance). Last but not least, MADE IN THE USA!


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